Oh Baby!


Yes. The title speaks for itself.

I am now officially a mom of multiples.

2 beautiful girls, whom, for the sake of privacy on this blog, I shall call ‘Tots’ and ‘Chai’.

Chai, our  newest and littlest addition came on October 22 @1:43am. She’s cute, round, chubby, smiley, and everything you could love and want in a baby. And she sure is one heck of an eater. (She must get that from my side of the family).

I must admit though, prior to this second pregnancy I was slightly terrified at the thought of having more than one child. Now, Ive always said I wanted as many as the Lord would give, but at the time I thought I had my hands full with Tots, and was quite content with her. Plus, other  moms may have contributed to this by constantly expressing to me their ‘extreme exhaustion’ and explanations of just ‘how hard it was’.

In the few weeks Ive been a mother of  two, it really hasn’t been as ‘hard’ as some make it seem. Mind you, I do have a newborn and a toddler. Yes, its been exhausting. The first week Ive probably slept less than 10 hours. For the entire week. But it has gotten better, and Im only starting week three.

I really believe though, that God really does know what he’s doing. Especially when he created moms and made us to be the nurturers and caretakers we are to be to our children. I believe he has equipped us with a supernatural grace and strength. To not only endure labor, but with everything else that follows.

The husband and I were discussing recently just how I was able to give birth, have no sleep, take care of two kids, recover from labor, and still be able to cook and clean the house. To put it simply, By the grace of God.

It really is by his strength and grace. And as each day passes, I see how immeasurable and available His grace is daily. To be able to pour out, when you feel like you’ve been poured out and are running on empty. To put on hold your emotional and physical needs for the sake of these tiny ones who are in need- right.now. To see beauty and life and treasure in the mundane, seemingly menial and meaningless tasks of the everyday.

Because though it may seem mundane, its not meaningless, and its not menial.

There is beauty, and joy, and rejoicing over feeding a hungry child. Laughter bursting from their tiny mouths. Seeing the joy and twinkle in their eye knowing they KNOW how much they are loved. The satisfied slumber of well fed baby. The pitter patter of tiny toddler  feet running with excitement.

So yes, as exhausting and hard as it may seem at times, I think on these things and remind myself-

This is joy.

This is a calling.

This is beauty.

This, dear friends, is a privilege.

And for the moments you want to ‘pull your hair out’ or make a run to the ER for every little thing..I must remember to stop. Take a deep breathe. Stay calm and whisper a prayer in faith. And yes, sometimes even desperation. Then see grace pull you through.

And if all else fails… Hand them over to daddy and head on over to Starbucks. 🙂